Welcome to Simplio help center!

Acceptable forms of payment

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Maestro, Discover, Diners Club debit and credit cards depending on airlines rules of credit cards acceptance.

Additional charges

At no point does Simplio charge additional fees other than stated in the order total. Any charges above the initial quote may be related to currency conversion fees if your credit card is in a currency other than the currency of your order or due to other card issuing bank fees. If you do not recognise the amount charged, please contact our customer service or your bank for clarification.

Multiple charges

Your order may be charged by multiple transactions during 24 hours totaling the amount shown to you in the ordering process and indicated in your confirmation email.

Payment card transactions and currency conversion fees

This website is targeted at residents of India. If your credit card is issued outside of India, an additional fee of up to 3% from your card issuing bank may be applied to your transaction.

If you make an order outside India using your payment card issued in India, you should be aware that some banks and credit card companies impose fees for international transactions. Additionally, the issuing bank may convert your payment into local currency and charge you with a conversion fee.

Incomplete transactions

Occasionally, credit card payments may be declined, e.g. if incorrect payment information was provided or due to lack of funds to complete the purchase. If your transaction is not complete, we will notify you via email listing possible causes of failure and giving options to continue with your purchase.

No confirmation email received

Before contacting us, please take the following measures:

1. Check your “Spam” folder to make sure that our email was not misdirected by your email client.
2. Check that the email address we have from you is correct. Sign in to your Simplio Account with the email address you used to make the order.

We advise you to add simplio.com to your email client’s “white list” to make sure that you receive emails with booking confirmations, itineraries and other important info.