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Online check-in

Online check-in is available for most flights and has to be done on your airline’s website. It can be accessed starting from 24 hours till the airport check-in deadline and is a good option for the passenger to save time at the airport. Some airlines even offer lower baggage fees for the customers who check-in online. The online check-in is complete when you obtain your boarding pass.

Airport check-in

Always make sure you have all required documents before you get to the boarding security gate. For different flight destinations, there may be different requirements so it is extremely important to check your documents ahead. Airport check in general closes 30 minutes before the departure of domestic flights and 60 minutes before the departure of international flights.

Sometimes earlier check-in may be requested. If you don’t comply with the check-in time limits, you will be denied boarding or get a waiver from the airline.

You can check-in your luggage not earlier than 4 hours prior to your flight departure. However, the check-in policy may vary by airport and is based on check-in desk timetables.

Check-in deadlines

Each time you fly remember the following 3 deadlines:

1. Your Check-In Deadline: the time limit beyond which you can no longer check in for your flight nor check in your luggage. It may be up to 90 minutes prior to the flight departure time.
2. Your Boarding Deadline or Last call: the time at which you must proceed to boarding. It varies from 15 to 40 minutes depending on your flight type.
3. Your Departure time: the time your aircraft starts moving from the gate before takeoff. You can view updated flight times (departures and arrivals) in real time on the “Flight times” page.

For domestic flights: it is recommended to check in at least two (2) hours prior to scheduled departure. For international flights: it is recommended to check in at least three (3) hours prior to scheduled departure.

Please allow some additional time for parking and security lines.

Flight schedule changes

Sometimes flight schedules may be changed prior departure at airlines sole discretion. The possible reasons are capacity limitations, equipment availability and changes, inclement weather, crew issues or other operational reasons. The changes may relate to arrival and/or departure time, date of travel, aircraft, flight number, departure and/or arrival city.

If any schedule change occurs, we will notify you about the new details, given that we have received such a note from the respective airline in a timely manner.

If the flight change is not acceptable to you, do not hesitate to contact us for choosing different flight options as provided by your airline.

As flight schedule may change at any time before departure and sometimes without a note to us, it is highly recommended to check flight schedules before arriving at the airport.

Missed flights

Airlines have different policies regarding passengers who miss their flight. Some airlines may put you on stand-by for the next available flight. If you make it to the airport, but miss your flight, go directly to the main ticket counter or ask the nearest gate agent for assistance.

If you feel that you cannot make it to the airport on time, you should contact the airline immediately to avoid getting ‘No Show’ status. If you miss your flight and receive the ‘No Show’ status from your airline, your ticket will lose its value and in most cases will not be refunded.

In some cases requests to change or cancel your reservation may be denied based on airline policy and credit will not be given for unused tickets.